Company culture: Historische Stadthalle Wuppertal
Company culture

Company culture

Cult(ural) site and business center for the bergisches Land

When the Historische Stadthalle Wuppertal was built on the initiative of local citizens and companies and officially opened in 1900, this was already done with a vision of versatility, something which we still offer to this today.

Since its re-opening in 1995, we, as the operating company, have been responsible for the hiring out and marketing of the venue and are fully aware of the significant social importance this has for the town.

The Code of Conduct below lists the key operational principles that, in addition to defined company values, provide the fundamental guidelines for our daily work. In these principles, we set out our understanding of the ethical, moral and legally correct conduct that should apply to us all. They not only represent the high standards we set ourselves, but at the same time are the promise we make to the outside world.

The following principles were developed jointly and can be found in a master’s thesis by Sarah Walczok on the topic of “The values of employees of the Historische Stadthalle Wuppertal GmbH”. This thesis was supervised by Professor Michael Fallgatter and Michael Knappstein of the faculty of Personnel Management and Organisation at the Bergische Universität Wuppertal.

Silke Asbeck Senior management team

Mission & vision


As a customer-focused service provider we are always reliable.
Customer needs and expectations are our priority.

As operators of the Historische Stadthalle Wuppertal, we regard ourselves as a customer-focused service provider. Our priority are satisfied customers who will recommend us to others. Our services offer the highest degree of reliability and they are always tailored to customer needs, as experience has shown us that nothing is more effective at promoting us than a successful event. The same dependability applies to our work with partners and suppliers.


We always act with integrity.

We say what we mean and mean what we say. We expect the same level of transparency and honesty from all our employees and every one of our business partners. We set an example for ethical behaviour in all our dealings with customers, suppliers and business partners and comply with all current rules and regulations.


We are team players who communicate with respect.

We are team players. The Historische Stadthalle brand lives through everyone and is brought to life by every employee. Everyone makes their personal contribution to our success. That is why it is so vital that every employee is aware of their responsibility and acts accordingly.Only together and with the help of structured processes and transparent communication can we be the very best service provider for our customers, day by day.


Respect and authenticity as a basis for collaboration.

Respect and authenticity are grand words when referring to fast-paced work that has to be managed by a small team. We strive for utmost authenticity and do our best to maintain a respectful and appreciative attitude both internally and externally.


Rising above the rest through good leadership.

A good team requires good leadership so that business activities can go hand in hand with responsible thinking. We therefore aim to encourage and support our employees to help them gain confidence in their abilities and explore new paths. This also requires imagination and courage to try something new. The high degree of freedom we give them and the corresponding level of trust we show however also fosters everyone’s sense of individual responsibility.


Our approach is sustainable.

Sustainability is a path that we take jointly, as a team. We examine our work processes with open eyes, identify weak spots and address them. Every single one of us avoids waste and pays attention to conserving resources in their environment. Our aim is to turn these individual measures into a continuous process. When dealing with event organisers, we encourage sustainable measures. As part of our corporate responsibility, we have committed to the Right&Fair principles of the EVVC Code.


“Green event management” – we help you plan your event

Today, many companies and decision makers like working with event partners who can help them to make their events more environmentally friendly and ecological; because sustainability management can also apply to the world of events and congresses. We would like to help you achieve this.

Our guiding principles is “100% sustainable – we’re on our way”. For years, we have been committed to making our venue and our services more environmentally compatible and therefore future-proof – something which is an added challenge for a listed building. We tackle this challenge with both large and small projects in the areas of resource management, energy efficiency, waste reduction, innovative technology and a heightened awareness of everything we do.  We are naturally more than willing to share this know-how.

Working together in a sustainable way
As event manager, you are able to take advantage of the many sustainability measures, whether they are big or small, visible or “behind the scenes”, that give your events added value. They play their part in our joint endeavour to make events more environmentally friendly.

Our “Sustainability Status Report” provides a transparent overview of the range of these measures. It contains information on on-going goals to implement sustainability in ecological, economic and social ways and documents both completed measures and those that are still in progress.

A recent milestone is the switch to energy from renewable resources, which allows the Historische Stadthalle to reduce CO2 emissions by 301,284 kg per year. We are able to cover our entire annual electricity consumption of 740,256 kWh this way.

You can start making conferences or meetings more sustainable from the very beginning through practical steps such as paper-free invitations and travel by train:

  • Wuppertal is centrally located in the Rhine-Ruhr metropolitan region
  • The main railway station is served by the high-speed (ICE) trains and is two minutes away
  • Take advantage of our attractively priced “DB Event Ticket” (CO2 free) in cooperation with Deutsche Bahn (Germany Railways)
  • 8 hotels are within walking distance of the Historische Stadthalle
  • Barrier-free access allows for the participation of all visitors

“Green Meetings“ are made up of a large number of these sorts of elements. We would be delighted to advise you on all the available options.


We have committed ourselves to “rightandfair”. Since 2013, the Historische Stadthalle has adhered to the “Sustainability Code of the German-speaking Events Sector”, a voluntary commitment to corporate responsibility for sustainability when organising and running events.


We are Ökoprofit® certified. The Historische Stadthalle took full advantage of the 10th Ökoprofit® workshop 2015/16 and, as part of the project, identified potential environmentally relevant savings. The implementation of the resulting measures has ended up benefiting everybody.