Good to know

Good to know

Information for your visit

We want to make your visit and attendance at our events as pleasurable as possible. So we have put together some interesting information that will be helpful to you when you come. We look forward to welcoming you at the Historische Stadthalle.


It goes without saying that the Historische Stadthalle is equipped to provide access for disabled people.

Wheelchair ramps and lifts (with announcement)
will provide you with easy access to all rooms.

Parking spaces for disabled people
are available both in the multi-storey car park and in the Südstrasse car park.

Toilets for disabled people
can be found on the ground floor (to the right of the main entrance) at the eastern end of the foyer. They are clearly signposted.

A wheelchair
is available in the building.

An unlimited number of wheelchair places
is available in the Großer Saal



When visiting the Historische Stadthalle coats, umbrellas as well as bags and rucksacks larger than A4 in size must be handed in at the cloakroom in the foyer. A fee of € 1.50 will be charged per item of clothing while any bags will incur an additional € 0.50.

Parking flat day rate

Make use of our flat day rate for parking. It only costs 4 euros. One useful tip: you can pay at the pay stations in the multi-storey car park itself or in the stairwell either when you return to your vehicle or in advance of attending events. That will save you time waiting at the pay stations after the end of events.

Route map & parking

Concert introduction

Know more, hear differently

Professor Lutz-Werner Hesse provides an insight into the compositions and the creative work of the composer, as well as an overview of the historical context and background in a half-hourly concert introduction on the Mondays of symphony concerts performed by the Wuppertal Symphony Orchestra. Soloists or the conductor share interesting facts about the concert programme in dialogue with the audience.

Professor Lutz-Werner Hesse is a composer and the managing director of the Wuppertal department of the Hochschule für Musik und Tanz Köln.

Tickets for symphony concerts on Monday evenings include entrance to these concert introductions at 7.00 pm free of charge. (Please note, spaces are limited.)


Educational introduction to the concert for children

A symphony concert with “Ohrenkitzel” (German only)

At certain Sunday-morning symphony concerts, the Wuppertal Symphony Orchestra offers children (from the age of six) a musical “hands-on” introduction to the concert.

Whilst parents are listening to the first half of the concert, their offspring take part in an introduction to the concert given by Professor Sarah Semke and discover, hands-on, a musical masterpiece. By using singing, playing instruments and body percussion, the children learn through their own creative experience about the piece of music.

During the intermission, the children show their parents what they have learnt. Then, in the second half, together with their parents, they hear “their” piece of music in the original.

For information on concert dates

Our Service Point

Just come to our Service Point before a concert or event. You can find it in the foyer on the far left of the main entrance next to the cloak room.

  • You can buy programmes here.
  • You can rent special seats for children here for a deposit of 10 euros. This means that junior concert goers can see what's going on without problems. The Service-Point will return the deposit to you when you give back the seat.
  • You can book cheap shared taxis here for 9.50 euros per person. For many concerts and events taking place in the Großer Saal, we offer you a convenient collective taxi service. Before concerts, between 7 pm and 8 pm and during the interval, you can book your trip home at the collective taxi desk in the Wandelhalle (Foyer). After the concert, the collective taxi desk will direct you to „your“ driver, who will take no more than four passengers to their homes in comfort.