House rules: Historische Stadthalle Wuppertal

House rules

The Historische Stadthalle Wuppertal (hereinafter also referred to as ‚the event venue’) is operated by the Historische Stadthalle Wuppertal GmbH (hereinafter referred to as ‚the operator’). The house rules apply to the event venue and the adjacent outdoor area. They apply to every person entering or spending time in the event venue or the outdoor area.

The operator and authorised third parties (organisers) have the right to exercise the house rules.

The operator is entitled to regulate and restrict access to the premises – in particular to the Stadthalle – for visitors, exhibitors and other third parties, e.g. granting access only upon presentation of an access pass / entry ticket and monitoring the adherence to the conditions of access.

Late admittance / re-admittance into the auditorium
For security reasons and in the interests of the artists and other visitors, visitors can generally only be admitted / re-admitted (after leaving the auditorium during the performance) to the auditorium during a performance interval and without any entitlement to the seat number indicated on the purchased ticket. Only in exceptional circumstances, e.g. during performances with no interval, can visitors be admitted after a performance has started, at a suitable point in time determined by the artistic director.

Children and young people under the age of 14 will be admitted only when accompanied by an adult. Any exceptions to this rule will be announced separately. Young people over the age of 14 have the same unlimited access as adults. Event-specific special regulations, e.g. ‘for trade visitors only’, remain unaffected.

The operator’s employees and the security firms commissioned by the operator are entitled to conduct ID card checks on the premises. Anyone found not to be in possession of a valid entry ticket, or anyone who is in any other way unauthorised to be in the Stadthalle or on the premises, must leave the premises immediately.

Without exception, cloakroom items (coats, jackets or any other items of clothing) must be handed in at the cloakroom and not brought into the auditoriums. Visitors are prohibited from carrying umbrellas as well as bags, rucksacks and any other form of receptacle into the auditoriums if these items are larger than A4 in size.

The operator reserves the right to check the contents of bags, receptacles carried by visitors, as well as items of clothing such as coats, jackets and cloaks. Visitors who refuse to have items secured by the inspection or security team that might pose a threat to the event or other visitors are excluded from the event. Any visitor thus excluded is not entitled to a refund of the entry fee. Depending on the specific type of the respective event, visitors may be prevented from taking any type of bag or similar receptacle into the event, or be obliged to deposit bags, rucksacks and clothing at the cloakroom.

Anyone noticeably under the influence of alcohol or drugs will be excluded from the event.

All of the event venue’s facilities are to be treated with care and respect. Everyone within the event venue must conduct themselves in such a way as not to injure, endanger or – as far as circumstances allow – obstruct or bother others. Under no circumstances are visitors permitted to carry food and drinks with them into any of the event rooms fitted with rows of seats.

Smoking is prohibited throughout the event venue. The same applies for electronic cigarettes. Please observe the relevant notices.

Any behaviour that may disrupt the orderly performance of the event or in any other way contravene the legitimate interests of the operator(s) is prohibited, in particular the following:

  • any unauthorised commercial activity within the event venue (especially the offering of any kind of product or service, whether paid or unpaid)
  • the unauthorised distribution or display of flyers, advertisements, posters, magazines, etc., as well as the attachment of any kind of sticker
  • bringing animals to the venue, with the exception of assistance dogs for people with disabilities, guide dogs for the blind, and service dogs
  • littering in, or soiling of, the indoor spaces and outdoor area as well as any other conduct that may pollute or harm the environment.
  • the use of bicycles, scooters, kickboards, roller-skates, inline skates, skateboards and other similar mobility aids within the event venue and wider premises
  • any independent alteration of the officially permitted seating arrangements
  • unauthorised gatherings and demonstrations/rallies of any kind

It is prohibited to bring any of the following items onto the premises:

  • weapons or dangerous objects as well as objects that may be used as missiles
  • aerosol spray cans, caustic or staining substances, or pressurised containers for highly flammable or toxic gases, with the exception of regular pocket lighters
  • containers made of material that is fragile or may shatter
  • fireworks, rockets, Bengal lights, smoke powder, flares and other pyrotechnical items
  • mechanical or electric sound generators
  • any food and drink not purchased on site
  • racist, xenophobic or radical propaganda material
  • video cameras or other sound- or video-recording devices (unless with the express permission of the organiser)

Filming and photography are prohibited without the consent of the organiser or the Historische Stadthalle. However, where photography or film recording/video recording is conducted by employees of the Stadthalle, by the organiser or by a commissioned company, this recording work must not be prevented or in any way obstructed. Anyone entering or spending time in the event venue is hereby made aware of the performance of such recording work. Recordings of participants and visitors at events may be published without the consent of the individual involved in accordance with Section 23 of the German Act on the Protection of the Copyright in Works of Art and Photographs (KunstUrhG).

Volume levels at music events: To reduce the risk of hearing damage owing to sound levels at music events, we particularly recommend the use of hearing-protection aids. On request, visitors will receive hearing-protection plugs at the information desk in the event venue.

Exclusion orders issued by the operator apply to all current and future events held within the event venue. At its own discretion, the operator can decide on the lifting of exclusion orders on request.

Exclusion of liability
Visitors enter the Historische Stadthalle Wuppertal at their own risk. Historische Stadthalle Wuppertal GmbH assumes no liability for personal injuries or property damage caused by third parties.

Wuppertal, 1 December 2019      Managing Director Silke Asbeck


House rules