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Biyon Kattilathu „...weil jeder Tag besonders ist.“

Fri 10 February 2023

8 pm

Großer Saal

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€ 35.05 plus fees

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€ 35.05 plus fees

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Das Kartenhaus in der Historischen Stadthalle

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Biyon Kattilathu „...weil jeder Tag besonders ist.“
Fri 10. February 2023 / 8 pm / Großer Saal
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Biyon Kattilathu „...weil jeder Tag besonders ist.“
Fri 10. February 2023 / 8 pm / Großer Saal
Das Kartenhaus in der Historischen Stadthalle
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And still, we find it difficult to enjoy the moment. Some hanker after the past, others are mentally already in the week after next, on the next holiday or thinking about their retirement.

That often gets Dr Biyon Kattilathu, the likeable Indian from the Ruhr region, fuming or worked up. Either way, he gets cross. With himself and also with others.

Why are we so scared of making decisions? Is it really as difficult to think positively as it is to think negatively? And when will we finally find the “love of our life”?

His solo show “… weil jeder Tag besonders ist”, which translates as “… because every day is special” should prove to be inspiring because it’s eye- opening. Self-deprecating, musical and with plenty of humour, Biyon takes us on a journey through India. Although, it’s really more a journey to discover ourselves and a homage to life itself.

… because every day is special.


Biyon Kattilathu


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Worth Knowing For Your Visit

  • Performance Venue Grosser Saal

    The event is taking place in the Großer Saal, the heart of the Historische Stadthalle. Its famous acoustics, spectacular sense of space under a ceiling that is 17 metres high, its décor and galleries take one’s breath away time and again.

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