Corona update



To make your visit as carefree and safe as possible, all of our event formats follow the currently applicable safety guidelines. By adapting our seating plans, implementing our ventilation concept and having our helpful staff on hand to assist and advise you at all times, we can provide you with the same pleasant and relaxed experience you are used to.

If you wish to organise events at our venue, our team is here to support you with ready-made safety, hygiene and social-distancing concepts.



2G Plus Rule

As of 4 January 2022, the “2G Plus Rule” will apply within the Historische Stadthalle. Only fully vaccinated visitors who also test negative will be permitted to attend events.

They must meet the following requirements:
Proof of recovery from infection. The date of infection must be at least 28 days and a maximum of six months prior to the visit (proof of a positive PCR test, certification of having been subject to infection)

Proof of full vaccination (double jab) with the second vaccination having taken place less than three months ago

Proof of full vaccination and an additional booster jab (with the booster being valid immediately upon vaccination)

plus (in addition to all three options above):
Proof of a negative rapid antigen test (not self-administered) or PCR test, which must have been carried out within the last 24 hours

All data must be verified with a valid photo ID. Please have all these documents along with your ticket ready for admission control at the building entrances. We will unfortunately have to turn away visitors who cannot produce this documentation. Please note that the wearing of an FFP2 mask continues to be mandatory throughout the building, including in your seat.


Please do not take part if you
have any Covid symptoms, if you have tested positive for Covid in the last 14 days, or have had contact with a person who has tested positive.
Our rules on social distancing
Individual visitors or couples should maintain a distance of 1.5 metres to other visitors.
Mandatory mask-wearing
The wearing of an FFP2 mask throughout the building and in your seat is mandatory for every event. Children under the age of 6 do not have to wear a mask.
Please use the available hand sanitiser immediately on entering the building, in the sanitary facilities and throughout the building.


Which events will resume?

  • Only people who have been fully vaccinated or who have recovered from infection (2G Plus Rule) will be admitted to events. These events are marked accordingly in our event calendar.
  • Details on the types of events that may be held can be found in the FAQs for event organisers.

How do I get to the Historische Stadthalle?

  • You can get to the foyer via the main entrance or the Südstraße multi-storey car park. 
  • Hand sanitiser is available for use at the entrances and exits.
  • Signage serves to remind visitors to adhere to the hygiene rules.
  • Individual visitors and couples are requested to maintain the required distance (1.5 m) to other visitors.
  • Please follow the instructions of the service team. They will be delighted to help you if you should have any questions.
  • There will be no taxi-sharing service available.

Is barrier-free access still available?

Yes. All the lifts are operational. You can get to the foyer from the Südstraße multi-storey car park in the usual way.

Is mouth and nose protection obligatory?

  • The wearing of an FFP2 mask throughout the building and in your seat is mandatory for every event.

  • Children under the age of 6 do not have to wear a mask.

  • Children under the age of 13 have the option of wearing a surgical or everyday mask.

  • Please also observe the established etiquette for coughs and sneezes.

Will there be a cloakroom service?

Yes, our cloakrooms are open and you can choose whether to check in your belongings.

are programmes and merchandise available to purchase?

Yes, we will be selling programmes and merchandise during our events.

Will there be intermissions?


Will toilets be available as usual?


Are there events that include food?

Unfortunately, we are currently unable to provide catering during our events.

Can I buy tickets at the box office/on the night or at the advance ticket sales point “Das Kartenhaus” in the Historische Stadthalle?

Yes, our daytime and evening box offices are open. “Das Kartenhaus” at the Historische Stadthalle will remain closed until further notice.

Should you have any further questions, please email or call us /on:
+49 202 245890

We look forward to you!


What event formats are possible?

We are a venue for all event formats; detailed planning adheres to the official applicable regulations. We tailor our services to your specific requirements.

We are also an experienced partner for hybrid events. The pandemic has confronted us all with new challenges and given rise to innovative communication formats. We will support you in planning and implementing your digital live event. We will ensure perfect presentation, broadcasting technology and direction, no matter whether you are presenting content (PPT, films, etc.), live-streaming an event or hosting a virtual conference.

As ever, we are always at your disposal for any technical or organisational questions.

Just send us your enquiry or call us on:
+ 49 202 245890

Is barrier free access still available?

We continue to provide barrier-free access to all rooms. The lifts are in operation. You can access the Wandelhalle from Parkhaus Südstraße as usual.

Are mouth-nose protection and social distancing obligatory?

  • At all events, medical-grade face coverings are mandatory when walking around the venue and when in your seat. Children up to the age of 6 are exempt from this rule. 
  • Our staff will continue to wear medical-grade face coverings during all events.
  • Regular disinfecting of hands is of equal importance, to which we pay particular attention. Hand sanitisers are available for use throughout the Historische Stadthalle.
  • Signage serves to remind visitors to adhere to the hygiene rules.
  • Social distancing rules (1.5 m) between people must be adhered to.

Will there be a cloakroom service?

Yes, our cloakroom service is available and you can choose whether to check in your belongings.

What are the arrangements for access to toilets?

The toilets are freely accessible.

What cleaning process is used in the Historische Stadthalle?

Our cleaning staff are working to an increased cleaning timetable – not only in the toilet area, but also on disinfecting other surfaces (banisters, handrails, door handles) and in the catering area. Disinfectant dispensers are available throughout the building.

Instead of cleaning with traditional cleaning products, we use a chemical-free ozone cleaning device by Tersano. This appliance infuses tap water with atmospheric oxygen to create active oxygen. The resulting acqueous ozone cleans 99.9% of dirt, germs and viruses from surfaces.

    How does the air conditioning in the Großer Saal work?

    The ventilation system is operated solely with fresh air and has an output capacity of 40,000 m3/h. To ventilate the room, fresh air is sucked in from the park behind the Stadthalle, cleaned using three filters and then heated, cooled, humidified or de-humidified depending on requirements. The thus prepared air is then once again filtered by outlets concealed in the wooden panelling of the room and delivered into the room with little pressure along almost the entire length of the walls. As this inlet air is generally cooler than the air warmed in the room, this creates an upward air flow in the room which carries potentially contaminated aerosoles up towards the ceiling. The ceiling contains air outlets, concealed in the gilded stucco work. An air intake and exhaust unit sucks the air in through these openings and transports it outside.

      Is it possible to hold events that include food?

      Working together with Culinaria Wuppertal, we offer bespoke catering services tailored to your specific event format and in line with the official infection control regulations.

      May I sell tickets through the box office/on the night at the Historische Stadthalle?

      Yes, our daytime and evening box offices are open

      Should you have any further questions, please email or call us on:
      +49 202 245890

      We are here for you and look forward to you.

      Coronavirus safety and room concepts

      Please note: An individual seating plan will be prepared in advance for each event in line with current CoronaSchVO regulations with regard to the distance between seats, aisle width, maximum number of people permitted in the building, etc.

       Seating plan example Grosser Saal Parliament 72 pers.

      Seating plan example Grosser Saal Parliament 210 pers.Seating plan example Mendelssohn Saal Parliament 30 pers.

      Seating plan example Mendelssohn Saal Parliament 130 pers.Seating plan example Offenbach Saal Rows 24 – 36 pers.

      Streaming & hybrid events

      We have just the rooms that you need to hold safe meetings or events these days. Our technical facilities offer you the possibility to take your event to your customers, employees or partners either through streaming or in the form of a hybrid event.

      Choose from six package offers:

      • Incl. basic technical setup
      • Priced by room and number of online participants

      Here you find more information about hybrid events or streaming.