„The queen of instruments“

That was what Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart once called the organ. Having seen the magnificent example in the Großer Saal of the Historische Stadthalle Wuppertal we agree with him unreservedly. Anyone who has ever heard it, or had the thrill of playing it, goes into raptures and quickly transmits their enthusiasm to music-loving friends and colleagues.

The concert organ was donated by members of the Mittelsten Scheid family (who are partners in the Wuppertal company Vorwerk & Co.) and was built at the workshop of Siegfried Sauer in Höxter-Ottbergen. It is a technical masterpiece: the 4,706 pipes with 67 stops, nine of which are located above the ceiling of the room, are played from three manuals. In addition to the mechanical console at the base of the organ, there is a second, mobile, electrical console, linked by fibre optics, on the orchestra platform. Modern playing aids, including 256 pre-set combinations, ensure that the organ may be used not only in all types of concerts, but also in a variety of ceremonies and celebrations.

To give you some idea of the sound of this fantastic instrument, you can listen to this exciting and impressive excerpt from the CD „Virtuoso Organ Music“ played by Andrzej Chorosinski (issued by Dabringhaus & Grimm), in which the artist interprets adaptations of symphonic programme music.

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